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Feral, the first issue of Unlikely - Journal for Creative Arts is now online!

Issue 01: Feral is now online
Editors: Alexis Harley and Norie Neumark

This first issue includes contributions by Rebecca A. Adelman, Helen Addison-Smith, Ian Andrews and Eric Bridgeman and Ruark Lewis, Ben Byrne and Dale Gorfinkel and Anthony Magen, Emily Carr, Gonzalo Ceballos and Renuka Rajiv, Robyn Ferrell, Katherine Gibson and Kate Rich, Silvana Iannello, Hester Joyce, and Nick Moore.


Call for submissions for the forthcoming issue: Field Work

Call for submissions for the forthcoming issue: Field Work
Editors: Lucas Ihlein and Brogan Bunt

“Fields”: arenas for action; social discourses; professional areas of practice; knowledge disciplines.
Field Trips: tours, excursions, forays. Research trips, adventures, residencies. Working in the forest, in old mining towns, in local suburbs, on farms. Artists placed in corporations, government departments, schools. Ethnographic models, educational models, activist models, scientific models. “The artist as”...


Nature in the Dark goes US & NITD II is out!

The project launch of the Nature in the Dark (NITD) in the US coincides with the launch of the second edition of artists' videos. After the first edition, NITD II moves from the aesthetic of night-vision photography to go underwater. For the second edition of artists video the Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University, has teamed up with Victorian National Parks Association's Reef Watch project and Parks Victoria to explore the marine environment along the Victorian coastline. Nature in the Dark in the US kicks off with a screening of NITD I and II video editions at National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 6:30-9:00 pm
Venue: National Aquarium, 501 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, US

Further presentations will follow:
Nature in the Dark II - Baltimore, Ynot Lot, 4 W North Ave, Station North Baltimore, MD 21201 April 23rd, 24th, 25th, 8pm-10pm
Nature in the Dark II - Chestertown, 119 S Cross St, Chestertown, MD 21620 May 1st, May 1st- May 29th, 5pm-7pm


Writing from Below: Death and the Maiden (issue 2)

We're very pleased to announce the publication of a new issue of Writing from Below. This special issue remixes Death and the Maiden, examining the motif and other associated themes and subjects through a range of critical and creative works, and across a diverse disciplinary perspectives.

+ DEADLINE EXTENDED: Contamination from Above
Unlawfulness, impurity, contamination: in the porous and scattered disciplines of gender, sexuality and diversity studies, these are the forces and strategies that impel our criticism and creation, the ethos of the fugitive journal Writing from Below. For more information see website.


Re-structure 2014 Conference

This conference looks at the current state of the arts, and considers alternative modes of culture and knowledge production within times of shrinking public expenditures. Featuring participants from performance, fashion, gaming, media and community intervention, the event explores both broader sustainable strategies as well as "clever partial solutions" to cultural and knowledge production in a post-public sector environment.

Date/time: 20. Nov 2014 - 11am-7pm
Venue: 215 Franklin St, CBD, Melbourne, La Trobe University (City Campus) (opposite Vic Markets)

This is a free event but requires RSVP.
Live stream @


Symposium on Indigenous Screen Performance

The symposium recognises the outstanding contribution that Indigenous writers, directors and actors are making to Australian film, television and theatre with a particular focus on Redfern Now, The Gods of Wheat St  and Tim Winton's The Turning.  Participants include Leah Purcell, Jon Bell, Aaron Perdersen, Jack Charles and Jub Clerc who have multiple credits as writers, directors and/or actors.

Date / Time: Monday 10 November 2014 - 10.30am - 4.30pm
Venue: ACMI in Melbourne


A Public Lecture by Ash Keating

As part of his Artist Residency with the Centre for Creative Arts at La Trobe University,  Melbourne artist Ash Keating has been using the opportunity to undertake new and expand on existing contemporary art projects titled Continuum and Urban Boundary Propositions, which he will discuss in detail in this upcoming lecture.

Date/Time: Wednesday 22nd Oct 2014, 10-11am
Venue: La Trobe University, Bundoora campus, Peribolos West (PW) - building, Room 219


Djon Mundine OAM: A Personal History of Aboriginal Art

The history of Aboriginal art has a number of overlapping, blurred edge phases; it is market driven and of European historical conceit on one side, and the offering up of icons, ideas, and possibly a moral-memory insistence on the (Aboriginal) other side.

Date/Time: Wednesday 15th Oct 2014, 10-11am
Venue: La Trobe University, Bundoora campus, Peribolos West (PW) - building, Room 219

This public lecture is a free event. No RSVP required.


Nature in the Dark - conference

The Nature in the Dark - conference: a trans-disciplinary conference on animal perception at the intersection of the arts, science and conservation

Date:     Saturday 4th October 2014 - 11:00am - 6:00pm
Venue:   Visual Arts Centre, La Trobe University in Bendigo - 121 View St, Bendigo, Vic 3550


Public Lecture by Vic McEwan: Contemporary Creative Arts at Work in the Community

Vic McEwan, artistic director of the artist led organisation Cad Factory, will present examples of a new mode for art making which partners deeply with business, health and communities....

Time: Wednesday, 17, September, 2014 10am-11am
Place: La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus -  Room: EDU 239-ELT


The Marco Polo Festival of Digital Literature

Dates: August 23 to September 1st 2014

The Marco Polo Festival of Digital Literature brings together writers from China and Australia who have used the internet as a core element of their practice.

Check the website for speakers, venues and events:

The Festival is a Centre for Creative Arts initiative and is presented in conjunction with the Wheeler Centre, the Beijing Bookworm, the Melbourne Writers Festival, The Marco Polo Project and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


Nature in the Dark @ Visual Arts Centre in Bendigo

Date: 13 Aug - 5 Oct 2014
Opening:  Thursday 14 Aug 6-8pm
Venue: Visual Arts Centre, 121 View St, Bendigo VIC 3550

Participating artists: Angie Black, Elizabeth Dunn, Siri Hayes, Tim Nohe, Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier + Renuka Rajiv + Scott Lewis, Josephine Starrs + Leon Cmielewski and Steve Turpie.


Lori Blondeau Public Lecture: Unpacking the Indigenous Female Body

In her lecture 'Unpacking the indigenous female body', Lori Blondeau will discuss the body of performance work she has created over the past 20 years. In her visual art and performances, Blondeau explores the influence of popular media and culture on indigenous self-identity, self-image, and self-definition.

Date/time: Tuesday 29 July, 6pm
Venue: ACMI

A co-event with ACMI and with cyberTribe's SOLID SCREEN Festival and Symposium, 2014


Nature in the Dark @ Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2014

Date/Time: 18 - 27 July 2014, 6pm-12am
Location: Design Dispensary, 92 Gertrude St,  Fitzroy, VIC 3065

Friday 18 July, 6pm
Venue: Fitzroy Beer Garden, 243-245 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy


Research Cluster meeting: Emotions, Embodiment and Performance

Date/Time: Wednesday 25th of June 3pm 

Bundoora: Martin Building 369
Bendigo: BUS 133
Mildura: Grogan Lecture Theatre (this venue has changed!)

Bendigo, Mildura and Bundoora Campuses will be connected by video conferencing.


Research Cluster Meeting: Making Public

Thursday 19th of June 5:30pm 

Bundoora: Martin Building 369
Bendigo: BUS 133
MilduraBrian Grogan Lecture Seminar Room #1 (Benetook)

Bendigo, Mildura and Bundoora Campuses will be connected by video conferencing.


Research Cluster Meeting: Sustainable Places

Wednesday 11th of June 3pm

Bundoora: Martin Building 369
Bendigo: BUS 133
MilduraBrian Grogan Lecture Seminar Room #1 (Benetook)

Bendigo, Mildura and Bundoora Campuses will be connected by video conference.


Uncle Vanya in Avoca - A site-specific Re-Imagining of Chekov

Uncle Vanya in Avoca is an exciting reimagining of Chekhov’s classic play Uncle Vanya: A Portrait of Country Life in Four Acts, set in a small regional town within the Australian landscape. The project will be performed as a durational, site-specific work at The Avoca Project, in the historic Watford House and its grounds.

Performance times:
Act 1: Saturday 21st March - 3pm
Act 2: Saturday 21st March - 9pm
Act 2: Saturday 21st March - 10.15pm
Act 3: Sunday  22nd March - 12.30pm
Act 3: Sunday  22nd March - 1.45pm
Act 4: Sunday  22nd March - 6.00pm

Venue: Watford House, 16 Dundus Street, Avoca 346.

Please contact La Mama at caitlin(at) if you would like to attend or call: 0430 033 495.


Masterclass with Igor Stromajer

Social Networks as Platforms for Media Art

This masterclass will address the Internet and social media as multifaceted interface for performance and social interaction in an arts context. Participants will together with Igor explore questions about digital culture and post-internet media art (death of the medium, post-everything culture, i.e. accelerationism, post-accelerationism).

Igor Štromajer ( is a net artist, intimate mobile communicator, and virtual performer. He researches tactical and emotional para-artistic actions, intimate guerrilla, and traumatic low-tech communication strategies.

Date: Tuesday March 18th 2014, 10:00 – 17:00
Venue: Advanced Studies Seminar Room (NR8), La Trobe University, Bundoora 

This masterclass is open to artists, postgraduate students and staff. Participation is free of charge, but RSVP by March 4th 2014 via email at papertigers (at) is required.


Dante's Workshop

A creative development showing inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy
Directed by Bagryana Popov

Date: February 28, 7pm 
Venue: Uniting Church, corner Carlisle and Chapel St, St Kilda Drop

Please RSVP to jotash(at) as seating is limited.


FERAL: inaugural event for UNLIKEY - Journal of the Centre for Creative Arts

An evening of live performances and artistic presentations

Opening Thursday 12 December 2013 06:30pm
Venue: Bella Union, Trades Hall, Carlton, Melbourne

Doors open at 6:15pm for light refreshments
Live Performances to start at 7pm sharp



During their month-long residency Norie and Maria come face-to-face with coal in a slow and meditative process of looking, listening and waiting to see what unfolds. Coal is a material that we are most familiar with in its transformed state – pollution. Yet coal is a fascinating, porous and diversiform material, itself transformed from ancient rain forests that covered vast areas of the world, particularly the east coast of Australia.

Exhibition: 28th - 30th November, 12-5pm - for three days only!
Opening night:
Thursday 28th November 6:30-8:30pm
Venue: Library Artspace, 100 Barkly St, North Fitzroy VIC 3068 
Entry via Dean St


What comes out ... - Launch of edition 1.2

Come to a night of queered spoken words to help celebrate the launch of Writing from Below, Australia's omly peer-reviewed open-access gender, sexuality and diversity studies journal.

Date: Friday 13 December 2013
Time: 8:00pm (doors open 7:30pm)
Venue: Hare Hole | Hares and Hyneas | 63 Johnston st, Fitzroy, Vic 3065
to Stephen.Abblitt(at)


Exhibition: I am - We are

Whittlesea Community Connections
Tuesday October 22, 2013
5pm - 9.00pm

The work will be on display at WCC between the 22nd October to the 1st November, Monday to Friday, 11.30am-1.30pm.


Out now: paper tigers 01

The proceedings from the paper tigers symposium: The Internet's Unintended Consequences with contributions by:
Marcus Breen: Unintended Consequences - Is Rethinking Possible?;
Scott McQuire: Accidental publics, or some unintended consequences of the Internet on urban life;
Hugh Davies: Interactions and Transactions;
Jenny Kennedy: Sharing’s False Freedoms;
Alex Lambert: The Desire Not to See: Moral Contradictions of the Mediated Gaze on Facebook;

A publication by the Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University


Oron Catts: Rethinking Life through Art

Executive Dean’s Lecture Series Creative Arts Lecture
Rethinking Life through Art: Presented by Oron Catts, University of Western Australia

The cultural understandings of what life is and what we are doing in it are lagging behind the actualities of scientific and engineering processes. Our uncertainties about what ‘life’ is exacerbates the crisis in both humanities and sciences and we now face an urgent need to scrutinise and rethink both the crisis of sustainability and our treatment of the (nonhuman) other.

Date: Thursday 14 November 2013, 6–7pm
Venue: Theatrette Room, State Library of Victoria


Call for Proposals for Creative Arts Works!

Unlikely: Journal of the Centre for Creative Arts is a transdisciplinary journal, which aims to open unexpected spaces for artistic exchange and scholarly conversations across mediums, disciplines and continents. Unlikely supports and provokes the research community of practitioners, makers, and scholars working in the creative arts.

Unlikely invites proposals for creative arts works for the first issue, responding to the theme of feral. Proposals that are selected will be commissioned (fee $300) to be exhibited/per- formed at the live event, which will be held at Bella Union, Carlton, Victoria on December 12th, 2013. These works will then be eligible for peer-review for the online publication of the issue.

Deadline for proposals is October 25 2013.


Tim Knowles Artist Talk

Palimpsest at La Trobe lecture series
Co-Presented by the CCA |Centre for Creative Arts and LUMA | La Trobe University Museum of Art

Tim Knowles is a young UK artist whose work conveys such clarity and delicacy that he has been selected in recent years to show alongside artists such as William Kentridge, Marina Ambramovitch, Hamish Fulton, Francis Alys and Richard Long.

Date: Tuesday October 8th, 10am
Venue: Agora Theatre, La Trobe Bundoora


ATOM awards submission 2013

We are very proud to report that two films produced with La Trobe University assistance, have been shortlisted as finalist films in the 2013 IPAF ATOM Awards.

The short documentary Lovely Little Things has been selected as one of four finalist films in the Best Tertiary Documentary category.

The other film to be selected is Media: Screen + Sound lecturer, Angie Black’s short experimental film, disnature. Produced as one of the films for the Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University project 'Nature in the Dark'. The film has been shortlisted as a finalist film in the ATOM awards category for Best Experimental short film.


Vali Myers: Between the Dusk and Dawn (Exhibition)

Variously described as a dancer, a gypsy and the “Witch of Positano”, LUMA will celebrate the art and life of Australian born artist Vali Myers with the first major survey in the exhibition Between the Dusk and Dawn.

Exhibition opens: Wednesday September 19th 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition dates: 11 September – 1 November
Venue: LUMA | La Trobe University Museum of Art – Glenn College, La Trobe Bundoora


Paper Tigers: Creative Research for Artists

Following up on our recent activities around Creative Research methodologies (as in our PT talks or the master class with Paul Carter 2012) PT decided to initiate a monthly meeting dedicated to artists doing post grad research.
First kick of meeting will be:

Thursday 22nd Aug 2013 at 6pm
215 Franklin St, CBD, LTU City campus Room: 102


Tim Nohe: Sounding Out Media Arts (Public Lecture)

From sound artists to musicians to media artists working with auditory material, sound offers a unique perspective on the world and rich material for artistic practice. In this lecture Professor Timothy Nohe will present examples from his own work with a focus on site-specific sound and music composition practices.

Venue / Date
Tues August 20 2013, 10 am
Agora Theatre

Everyone is weclome! No RSVP required.


ACE Seminar Series: Dr Sofia Ahlberg (lecture) & R. Matrix (sound performance)

Join us at the LUMA gallery now showing the photographs by Tim Handfield, for a performance by musician R.Matrix and a presentation by Dr Sofia Ahlberg on the topic of Place and Belonging in Australia Today.

Venue / Date
Thursday 15 August 2013, 2.30-4.00pm
La Trobe University Museum of Art Exhibition
Glenn College
LTU Bundoora


Tim Nohe: Understanding Environment through Creative Arts (Public Lecture)

Creative Arts offers unique possibilities to think through issues around the environment and sustainability, particularly through a focus on experiences of place. In this lecture, Professor Timothy Nohe presents his own and the work of other creative artists who have engaged with place to shift our experience and thinking about the environment, sustainability, and renewal in post-industrial cities.

Venue / Date:
Weds August 14 2013, 12pm
Glenn College Lecture Theatre
LTU Bundoora

Everyone is welcome! Free lecture. No RSVP required.


Slow Canoe no.15: obstructs

Friday: 19 July 2013, 7pm @ Top Shelf Gallery, 369 Lonsdale Street, Level 3
Slow Canoe commissioned new works based on Ernest Hemingway's story Hills Like White Elephants, each with their own set of rules, guidelines and obstructions. The line-up includes contributions from the area of literature, graphic novel, film, animation, music and theatre.


City Sense: Sensing Manilla in the Arts (Gary Devilles)

A lecture by Gary Devilles
Monday 27 May 3pm-4pm
Menzies College Conference Centre, La Trobe University, Bundoora

Sociologist Georg Simmel said ‘man confronts his basic contradiction in the city.’ The lecture City Sense: Sensing Manila in the Arts is framed around this spatial contradiction as experienced by our corporal senses, such as our sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste, including our intuition, what others commonly call as the sixth sense. Devilles will investigate Manila’s contradictions, its conspicuous showcase of the beautiful and the ugly, its politics and history, and its seeming progress at the expense of its exploited workers and residents as he experienced it growing up in Manila.


Renewal! symposium

13 April 2013 @ Thousand Pound Bend, Melbourne
doors open @ 10.00 / bar open all day

Who cares if we are ‘post-’? The question is, What might we be ‘pre-’? And what (to raise a question that must always remain open in view of what always remains to come) might that ‘pre-’ be? At a time of increasing social and technological complexity, what are we becoming? What is becoming, for example, of our cities, of nationhood, of publics … if we are all now user-producers and globally networked ‘friends’? ...
For more please see the event website:


Castlemaine Festival: At this time

The Castlemaine State Festival and La Trobe University present, At This Time, a full day symposium which brings together a range of interdisciplinary artists, and arts professionals to explore the relationship between arts institutions, artists and audiences, biennials and triennials as a phenomenon, and art as performance.

Key note address: Tony Elwood, Director, National Gallery of Victoria

Thursday 7th March, 10am-5pm
La Trobe University, Visual Arts Centre
121 View Street, Bendigo


EH5452 (Bindi Cole)

Bindi Cole presents EH5452 at the Castlemaine Festival, a new video work made with the support of the Centre for Creative Arts.

Castlemaine Festival
15 – 24 March2013
50 Mostyn St 
Castlemaine VIC 3450
(03) 5472 3733
Festival website


Vera narrent: True stories in the Drawing Room (Mary Rosengren)

CSIRO Discovery Centre Gallery: 15 February - 8 March 2013
Black Mountain Canberra
Mon-Fri: 7.30am – 4pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: 11am-3pm

CSIRO Discovery’s gallery is the site of the Drawing Room, defined by the papered walls of (Vera narrent) True Stories. A tribute to the 18th century Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus’ system of binominal nomenclature, and to his friend the German artists-scientist Georg Dionys Ehret. It recalls the Linnaean home in Hammarby Sweden where plates from works on flowers paper its walls.


Makings & Musings of Creative Research (Paper Tigers talks 2013)

Paper Tigers talks 2013 proudly presents
: The Makings and Musings of Creative Research  

Paper Tigers talks are back. We will kick off the 2013 series of monthly talks and presentations with a night of three short presentations and discussions on methods revolving around creative research gathering creative researchers from the area of film-making, media arts and creative writing to look into topics like post-humanities, public urban space and transdisciplinary essay film.

February 27th 2013 at 6pm
Venue: LTU city campus,  215 Franklin St in the CBD (opposite Vic Market), seminar room 102



The Listening vs Striles of Ming (Bruce Mowson & Elliot Howard)

VAC, Bendigo: 13 February – 24 March, 2013

For this exhibition Bruce Mowson and Elliot Howard have produced a sculptural installation comprising a series of potentially useable box-like forms that will occupy the VAC’s gallery space.

On encountering the work the viewer may or may not be enticed into touching, occupying, seeing through, moving and listening to these artworks.  The viewer could also treat the works as discrete sculptural pieces, simply looking at them and wondering what they do and why they are there. By viewing, sensing and/or using the work, you have understood it. There are no authorised ways of coming to know it and there are no better or worse ways of knowing it that would qualify your specific experiences as more or less valid.


textobjectext: writing the posthumanities


Exploring the potentialities of writing practice after the material turn


This symposium, hosted by La Trobe University’s Centre for Creative Arts in conjunction with the University of Western Sydney's Writing and Society Research Centre, envisages a space for material/conceptual provocations surrounding the questions: what is writing in the posthumanities? What kind of generative spaces emerge where the borders between disciplines –art, humanities and the sciences– blur and merge? What does an understanding of the materiality of writing do for creative practice? How do encounters between new and old technologies/concepts/practices reconfigure our understandings of art, literature, authorship, creative process, collaboration, the body and agency? The symposium offers a place to advance ideas, collaborate on projects, and showcase some emerging work in the fields of new materialism and posthumanism, specifically at the points at which these intersect with writing. A series of conversations between new and established textual artists and scholars will be facilitated and supported, resulting in new collaborative opportunities, practical exchanges, and expanded understandings of the potentialities of practice in the twenty-first century.


Symposium: Unintended Consequences

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Has the Internet created a social myth too big to fail?

 A full-day symposium with Professor Marcus Breen (Bond University)

The Internet in its present form has undergone a number of ‘conceptual evolutions,’ yet at its base it remains an open network of computers programmed to exchange packages of data. In the 1960s Cold War hysteria prompted the United States to create a decentralized network capable of withstanding a nuclear strike. By the 1990s the Internet had developed into a world wide web for mainstream use. While inventors saw the technological potential of the network, it has been the ideological enthusiasm of developers that has propelled the Internet through the last two decades with the promise of its utopian applications. We are now living amongst a certain cynicism of commentators on the scope and application of Internet culture that marks a regression of the hype surrounding online potentialities.


Nature in the Dark

Nature in the Dark is a series of artistic video projects exploring the hidden world of the animals of Wombat State Forest and Bunyip State Park as never seen before on the big screen at Fed Square. The Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University and the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) have developed an extraordinary exhibition that will be screened from 23 November until 22 December 2012.


Research Cluster Meetings

On Thursday the 1st November, the Centre for Creative Arts will have its first of three research cluster meetings, all taking place on Thursday afternoons from 4:00 until 5:30 pm. These meetings are an opportunity to exchange ideas around the cluster themes with a view to future research and events in 2013. All are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.


Tales of a City by the Sea

Tales of a City by the Sea is a play about the lives of ordinary people caught up in the Gaza siege and bombardment of 2009. Jomana, a woman from the Shati refugee camp, falls in love with Rami, an American Palestinian doctor who arrives as part of the Free Gaza Flotilla. Breaking the siege sparks their love - but can it be sustained?


Written by: Samah Sabawi

Creative Producer: Rand Hazou


2:00-4:00pm, Saturday 13 October

La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday Street, Carlton


Public Lecture - Barbara Maria Stafford - Mirroring: From the Pool of Narcissus to Social Cognition

The Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University, presents a free public lecture from independent writer and curator Barbara Maria Stafford: 'Mirroring: From the Pool of Narcissus to Social Cognition'.


Barbara Maria Stafford is an independent writer, curator and speaker. Her work has consistently explored the intersections between the visual arts and the physical and biological sciences from the early modern to the contemporary era. Her current research charts the revolutionary ways the neurosciences are changing our views of the human and animal sensorium, shaping our fundamental assumptions about perception, sensation, emotion, mental imagery, and subjectivity. Her most recent book is The Field Guide to a New Metafield: Bridging the Humanities-Neurosciences Divide (UCP, 2011).


6:30pm, Tuesday 9 October 2012

Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library of Victoria, 179 La Trobe Street, Melbourne


Paul Wells: An Animated Screenwriter: Tales, Tips and Tall Orders from a Writer's Notebook

The Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University, in partnership with the Writing Cinema Group of RMIT’s School of Media and Communication, invites you to a free public lecture:

From writing radio series about Hollywood’s top directors, to scripting British TV soap-operas, to working on a myriad of animation series and films, Professor Paul Wells has a range of credits in the media production field. More to the point, he has a host of experiences with figures as diverse as John Milius, the writer of the original Conan the Barbarian; the perennially ill or injured citizens of Holby City, surely Britain’s most accident prone fictional town; Horror writers like Stephen King and Clive Barker, and fresh from his pineapple under the sea, Spongebob Squarepants. His lecture will include a range of examples from his work, and offer some analysis and advice about screenwriting, which he has written about in his down time in the hallowed halls of academe, at the UK’s Olympic campus, Loughborough University.


Free Public Workshop for experienced and aspiring screenwriters

Scriptwriting for Animation

This workshop session will offer practical advice, support and exercises in writing for animation. Based on the lecture tour, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins of Animation Screenwriting’, the workshop will address some of the issues and challenges in writing specifically for animation – a form with its own distinctive language of expression. The approach is based on the view that there is no theory without practice and no practice without theory, and will look at how ‘theory’ can be used as tools for writing, and how ‘practice’ generates ways of re-thinking established orthodoxies not merely about academic principles, but life, love and the universe, too! The workshop will seek to address some core ideas, but will also be responsive to the needs and interests of the participants, and address a variety of genres from documentary to comedy.


Vicki Kirby: What if Culture was really Nature all along?

What if Culture was Really Nature all along?

Vicki Kirby (UNSW)


The renowned feminist theorist Vicki Kirby will discuss her ground-breaking ideas on nature, body and materiality in this three-hour workshop. Concentrating on her most recent book, Quantum Anthropologies: Life at Large (Duke, 2011), Professor Kirby will discuss some of the most provocative aspects of deconstruction. Revisiting Derrida's claims that there is 'no outside of text', Kirby argues that theories of cultural construction developed since the linguistic turn have inadvertently reproduced the very binaries they intend to question, such as those between nature and culture, matter and ideation, and fact and value.


Post-Graduate Scholarship in Creative Arts and Sustainability

Are you a trans-disciplinary artist with an interest in sustainability and place making?

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Centre for Creative Arts are pleased to offer a 3-year postgraduate scholarship for a creative practitioner to research in the area of creative arts and sustainability. The student will be supported by the Centre for Creative Arts research cluster: Making Sustainable Places. This cluster brings together Faculty, University, and external researchers working at the intersections of sustainability and place, including human-animal-object relations.


Christine Wertheim - Reefs, Rubbish and Reason: Community Arts in the 21st Century

CCA presents a free public lecture by Christine Wertheim on the Crochet Coral Reef Project  and Community Arts.

Where: Room 228, Humanities 2, La Trobe University, Bundoora

When: 2.00pm, Wednesday 22 August, 2012

All Welcome.


Violins to Fences A Life of Experimentation in Music

In this lecture Jon Rose, world renowned experimental musician, connects the radical with the traditional, and the unique experience with the commonplace, in a practice of music that has led him into previously unexplored sonic worlds and sometimes into confrontation.

Date: Friday 27 July 2012
Time: 6.00pm
Location: Village Roadshow Theatrette - State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Cost: This is a free public lecture.
Light refreshments will be provided.
Seats are limited so please register now.


Timothy Murray: Archival Frenzy - From Event to Fever in Digital Art

As Curator of the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media and theorist of new media art and cinema, Timothy Murray will provide an overview of theories of the Archive in relation to digital artworks from the archive for which "the archive” is a central concern of content and form.  The importance of archival projects in new media art, by artists such as Yao Jui-Chung, Maurice Benayoun, Kieth Piper, Muntadas, and Jolene Rickard provides a significant platform for reconsidering the theory of the archive itself, as formulated by Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida in relation to theorizations of the “event” by Jean-François Lyotard, Gilles Deleuze, and Alain Badiou.

Monday 18 June 2012, 6.30pm, Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Federation Square, Melbourne


The 7arakat |‘ḥarakāt’ Project

The 7arakat or Harakat Project is an initiative supported by the Australia Council for the Arts through the Cultural Leadership Development Grant. Led by grant recipient Dr. Rand Hazou, the 7arakat Project seeks to develop a series of theatre-related initiatives between Australia and Palestine.


The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics

The Museum of Glitch Aesthetics (MOGA) is the latest work in Mark Amerika's collaborative series of transmedia narratives. MOGA tells the story of The Artist 2.0, an online persona whose personal mythology and body of digital artworks are rapidly being canonised into the annals of art history.


Tim Nohe Goes West at Area 405 June 1 - July 30 2012

Tim Nohe, UMBC Faculty Senate President, Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Adjunct Professor, La Trobe University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences will be participating ina panel discussion with Breon Gilleran and Sarah Laing. Tim will be speaking about his Fulbright experience in Australia and the exchange that he is producing with the support of a Fulbright Alumni Initiative Grant awarded by the Australian-American Fulbright Commission.


Mark Amerika & Chad Mossholder: Micro-Cinematic Essays on the Life and Work of Marcel Duchamp ..

[Micro-Cinematic Essays on the Life and Work of Marcel Duchamp dba Conceptual Parts, Ink]

New show: 19th March - 13th April at Emily Davis Gallery
Gallery Address: 150 E. Exchange St., Akron, OH 44325


Shakespeare's Henry IV Part 1

Recently returned from the southern hemisphere’s only recreated Elizabethan theatre – The New Fortune in Perth, Western Australia – Nothing but Roaring’s production of Shakespeare’s historical masterpiece imaginatively recreates the world of Shakespeare through the power of his words and using the conventions of his theatre.

Playing at 45Downstairs, Melbourne from February 28 - March 11 2012


New Directions in Circus Research

‘New Directions in Circus Research’ was a symposium presented by La Trobe University’s Centre for Creative Arts, Faculty of HSS and Australian Physical Theatre and Circus Association (ACAPTA) 5 December 2011. Australian circus artists and researchers and international scholars presented recent projects and research approaches: Circus Oz; Living Archive; creative processes; philosophising about the circus body; rethinking circus history. Featured speaker from Finland, Tomi Purovaara, presented on Cirko, a circus centre that brings together information centre, studio training facilities, festival venue, and research resources with visual archive library.


Laurens Tan nomination and exhibition

Laurens Tan, CCA artist in residence in June and Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been nominated for the Telstra Sensis Australia China Alumni Award for ICT and New Media as one of the ACAA / CPA Australia.

Tan has also recently co-directed the successful exhibition, Always on My Mind: home |hom|, at The Museum of Art (MoA), Seoul National University and Gana Art Gallery - Seoul Square, from November 04 through December 12, 2011. AOMM is an Australia - Korea Art Project that celebrates 50 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and the Republic of Korea. The project investigates the multiple notions of home in the context of today's deterritorialization of culture and identity through the work of two groups of artists, each coming from the other side of the globe.


Remix Recovered::Australia's Mediated History Cut-up

In November 2011, The Centre for Creative Arts and the Media: Screen+Sound Program at La Trobe hosted a remix research symposium: Remix Recovered:: Australia’s Mediated History Cut-up. The Media Program invited local, national and international artists and theorists to join them to discuss current issues and possibilities for remix.


Mark Amerika, Remixthecontext: the transmedia artist in network culture

Public Lecture, State Library Victoria, 15 November, 2011

The lecture will be followed by a Conversation between Mark Amerika and Dan Angeloro (Soda_Jerk)

Remix is a widespread practice of recombining existing material to make something new —including covers, sampling, mash-ups, smash-ups, cut-ups. Remix culture has been bedeviled by legal issues around copyright but these have diverted attention from important cultural, artistic, and philosophical questions which Mark Amerika addresses. Amerika brings us back to the potentials of remix, for writing and for audiovisual work.


Dr Nola Farman Some Ways to Read an Artists' Book

Public Lecture, Visual Arts Centre, Bendigo, November 10, 2011

Artists' books are generally intended to be viewed as works of art. Since the early 20th century the book has provided artists with a form in which to explore new means of expression. Page, text, image, binding, shape and size are all aspects of a book that can be deconstructed and reconstructed through the experimentation of the artist.


Professor Helen Grace, Technovisusality: The Avalanche of Images and the Intimate Screen

Public Lecture, La Trobe University, August 18, 2011

About the lecture: In describing the proliferation of images today, Vilem Flusser has noted that 'Nothing can resist the force of this current of technical images—there is no artistic, scientific or political activity which is not aimed at it, there is no everyday activity which does not aspire to be photographed, filmed, videotaped. For there is a general desire to be endlessly remembered and endlessly repeatable.