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Laurens Tan nomination and exhibition



Laurens Tan, CCA artist in residence in June and Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has been nominated for the Telstra Sensis Australia China Alumni Award for ICT and New Media as one of the ACAA / CPA Australia.

Tan has also recently co-directed the successful exhibition, Always on My Mind: home |hom|, at The Museum of Art (MoA), Seoul National University and Gana Art Gallery - Seoul Square, from November 04 through December 12, 2011. AOMM is an Australia - Korea Art Project that celebrates 50 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and the Republic of Korea. The project investigates the multiple notions of home in the context of today's deterritorialization of culture and identity through the work of two groups of artists, each coming from the other side of the globe.

The familiar word 'home' = 'jib' + 'gohyang' (in Korean) is re-questioned by individual artists, and the diverse subjects gathered in this exhibition reveal its contemporary definitions. Each work invites us to rethink our individual perception of home as it is shifting and expanding in both a physical and a symbolic dimension.

The multi-media exhibition features videos, installations, photographs, ceramics, animations, spatial researches and films by 20 artists (11 Australian and 9 Korean artists which includes 3 international practitioners from UK, Belgium, China). In addition, the project is showcased on the façade of the Seoul Square building, which is known for its iconic LED media canvas (consisting of 42,000 LEDs, 78 meter high, and 99 meter wide) opposite Seoul Station in the heart of Seoul. As an extension of this project, an exhibition catalogue published by MoA features the works of the visual artists as well as essays by 3 Australian writers/critics discussing the subject in depth. [ISBN 978 - 89 - 97044 - 02 - 3 93600]

The project is co-initiated and co-directed by Laurens Tan, an Australian artist/curator based in Sydney/Beijing, and BoYoung Jung, a Korean artist/designer based in Beijing-Seoul/Europe; the exhibition(Part I) is organized and delivered by MoA with the curatorship of JooYoung Sohn (senior curator, MoA), and the public screening at Seoul Square is curated and coordinated by Gana Art Gallery- Seoul Square Media Center(curator: YeonHwa Yeom) "Always on My Mind: home |hōm|" is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia - Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Participating artists: Charles Anderson (AUS) | Je Baak (KOR) | Mark Boey (AUS) | Allan Chawner and Glenn Albrecht (AUS) | Che Fei (CN) | Peter W. Ferretto (UK) | Jenny Fraser (AUS) | JoonSoo Ha (KOR) | Sand Helsel and Chiun Wee Lim (AUS) | Mimi Joung (KOR) | BoYoung Jung (KOR) | Zune Lee (KOR) | Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda (AUS) | Hyoungmin Park (KOR) | r e a (AUS) | Laurens Tan (AUS) | Emmanuel Wolfs (BEL)

Writers: Davina Jackson | Gillian Serisier | Brendan Shanahan

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