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Professor Helen Grace, Technovisusality: The Avalanche of Images and the Intimate Screen

Public Lecture, La Trobe University, August18, 2011

To hear the lecture online go here.

About the lecture: In describing the proliferation of images today, Vilem Flusser has noted that 'Nothing can resist the force of this current of technical images—there is no artistic, scientific or political activity which is not aimed at it, there is no everyday activity which does not aspire to be photographed, filmed, videotaped. For there is a general desire to be endlessly remembered and endlessly repeatable.

In this way however, every action simultaneously loses its historical character and turns into a magical ritual and an endlessly repeatable movement. The universe of technical images, emerging all around us, represents the fulfillment of the ages, in which action and agony go endlessly round in circles.' This presentation will discuss the historical significance of ubiquitous image-production, especially in Asia with particular reference to user-created content and it will consider the implications for art and creativity that this phenomenon produces.

About the speaker: Professor Helen Grace is an Australian academic who recently taught in Hong Kong, where she established the MA Programme in Visual Culture Studies at Chinese University of Hong Kong – the first such programme of its kind in Hong Kong. She is a widely published author, internationally exhibited new media artist and award-winning filmmaker and her works are in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and the Art Gallery of South Australia. She co-authored Home/Word: Space, Community and Marginality in Sydney's West (1997) and edited Aesthesia and the Economy of the Senses (1996) and Planet Diana; Cultural Studies and Global Mourning (1997) A new edited collection, A Sense of Wonder: Technovisuality and Cultural Re-enchantment is forthcoming from Hong Kong University Press.

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