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Remix Recovered::Australia's Mediated History Cut-up



In November 2011, The Centre for Creative Arts and the Media: Screen+Sound Program at La Trobe hosted a remix research symposium: Remix Recovered:: Australia’s Mediated History Cut-up. The Media Program invited local, national and international artists and theorists to join them to discuss current issues and possibilities for remix.

The starting point: Remix strategies of recombining existing material to make something new have been around for a long time -- including, sampling, mash-ups, smash-ups, cut-ups. Remix is not a new question for cultural studies or media theory but important new questions about the creative potentials of remix and remix as creative potential have been raised in the last few years. One trajectory includes Nicolas Bourriaud (Postproduction) and Mark Amerika (REMIXTHEBOOK) who see remix as a particular aesthetic, strategic engagements, culture, orientation…

 While remix culture has been bedevilled by legal issues around copyright, which Lawrence Lessig has cogently argued against, these can divert attention from other cultural, artistic, and philosophical questions, with which this research symposium was concerned. The question -- how does remix open new creative potentials to think and re-make art and culture – guided the two day symposium and is the basis for ongoing collaborations which will take place in the Project Space of this website (watch that space).

 Invited participants were Mark Amerika, Dan Angeloro, Chris Caines, Jenny Fraser, Anna Gibbs, Lisa Gye, Jonathan Jones, Stephen Muecke, Rea Saunders, Darren Tofts.

 La Trobe participants were: Felicity Collins, Maria Miranda, and Norie Neumark (convenors) and Angie Black, Rolando Caputo, Anna Dzenis, Hester Joyce, Gabriel Murray, Natalie Pirotta, John Tebbutt, and Terrie Waddell.

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