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Research Cluster Meetings

Research Cluster Meetings

On Thursday the 1st November, the Centre for Creative Arts will have its first of three research cluster meetings, all taking place on Thursday afternoons from 4 until 5.30 pm. These meetings are an opportunity to exchange ideas around the cluster themes with a view to future research and events in 2013. All are welcome. Refeshments will be provided.



1st November

MAKING SUSTAINABLE PLACE - This cluster will focus on research at the intersections of sustainability and place, including human-animal-object relations.

Bundoora – Economics LT – DWB 214 

Bendigo – BUS133 

Mildura – Brian Grogon Seminar Room 2


8th November

EMOTIONS, EMBODIMENT, PERFORMABILITY - This cluster will include research on emotions that focuses on the intersections of creativity, culture, and wellbeing with embodiment and performativity.

Bundoora – Martin Building Room 369 *PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE*

Bendigo – BUS133 

Mildura – Brian Grogon Lecture Theatre 


15th November

MAKING PUBLIC - This cluster will centre on research into making creative arts public. It will include research into creative arts, artistic creativity and aesthetics across cultures, time, and media.

Bundoora – Martin Building Room 369 *PLEASE NOTE VENUE CHANGE*

Bendigo – BUS133

Mildura – Brian Grogon Seminar Room 2 

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