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Makings & Musings of Creative Research (Paper Tigers talks 2013)

Paper Tigers talks 2013 proudly presents

The Makings and Musings of Creative Research
February 27th 2013 at 6pm, Venue: LTU city campus,  215 Franklin St in the CBD (opposite Vic Market), seminar room 102

# 1 Suzi Hayes: We Art Weather
We Art Weather explores the relationship between nature and culture, through the intersections of posthumanism, art practice, and the weather. Engaging with critiques of human exceptionalism and subjectivity, alongside critical theoretical approaches to the work of non-representational art, Suzi Hayes’ research seeks to develop a political aesthetic of radical entanglement for the post-humanities. We Art Weather conducts this work by reading and writing a range of visual, poetic, and critical texts that perform, and speak to, the idea that we are the weather.

Suzi Hayes is a part-time peddler of charms, and a part-time dabbler with disaster. She has worked as a performing arts manager, social and environmental researcher, and freelance writer. Suzi is currently preoccupied by a range of experimental, spontaneously combusting texts, which are assembling themselves around her as a PhD thesis. With a disciplinary background in philosophy, Suzi has a penchant for water, of any kind, and clouds.

# 2 Kim Munro: The Closeness of Distance
Kim’s research examines the essay film as a ‘transgressive’ model through which a destabalised and non-fixed position of ‘self’ is offered and performed. This study draws on the influences of the literary essay beginning with Montaigne and traversing the practices of psychoanalysis and the ‘talking cure’ and concepts of engaged travel, from the flaneur to the twenty-first century. This presentation will map the creative process of making an essay film. This is, in part, a travelogue across different countries, including rural and urban Australia, Scotland, France, Japan and Croatia. Through epistolary exchanges, interviews and experimental reflections, it will explore the grand themes of life, loss and decay whilst reflecting on such topics as small town abandonment, extinct languages, slow communication, islands of cats and objects of desire and neglect.

Kim Munro has a background in fine art, linguistics and film production. A number of her films have screened at local and international festivals and her half hour documentary, Nerve, screened on the ABC in March 2012. Recent filmic pursuits have included campaigning to save a small bus route in Brunswick from abolition, filming the cats of Japan and visiting vanishing towns in rural Australia and abandoned arcades of the suburbs.

# 3 Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier: From Sound to Waves to Territories
Jan's creative research in invested in the “schizo-phonic poetic of the urban space.” Or to put it differently in the communicative and aesthetic challenges of the electro-acoustic space of radio connecting with the urban space. The focus is set on the two particular locations involved in the radiophonic: the imaginary and the reality of the 'city'. In this presentation he would like to introduce to his concepts of “shared sonic spaces” and “imaginative leaks.”

Jan Hendrik Brüggemeiers’ artistic interests lay in sound art and spaces for communication in the city. He holds an MFA in Media Arts and Design from the Bauhaus University Weimar, where he graduated from the chair for Experimental Radio. He relocated from London, where he worked for the AA School of Architecture, to Melbourne to take on his Creative PhD at the Centre for Creative Arts at La Trobe University where he now resides. His work has been shown internationally. As well he has initiated and curated a number of international festivals and project collaborations.

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