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Vera narrent: True stories in the Drawing Room (Mary Rosengren)



Vera narrent: True stories in the Drawing Room
Digital print on wallpaper (2013)

CSIRO Discovery’s gallery is the site of the Drawing Room, defined by the papered walls of (Vera narrent) True Stories. A tribute to the 18th century Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus’ system of binominal nomenclature, and to his friend the German artists-scientist Georg Dionys Ehret. It recalls the Linnaean home in Hammarby Sweden where plates from works on flowers paper its walls.

Around the Drawing Room this decorative wallpaper backdrop uses images, inscriptions and textual material sources from historical and contemporary experiences and observations that articulate the complex ecology of he threatened Australian Crimson spider orchid Caladenia concolor. The space of the Drawing Room reflects the synthesis of visual and verbal narratives in science, art and technology.

Mary Rosengren’s installations and media works explore overlays between visual art, science and technology. Her research of images natural phenomena and dynamic systems has taken her to the extreme environments of Lake Mungo, NSW, the Cairngorm Mountains Scotland and the Antarctic Peninsular and into significant scientific collections and contemporary research facilities in Australia and the UK.

A recipient of the Australian network for Art and Technology (ANAT) Synapse6 residency program on CSIRO’s Black Mountain campus in 2011, Mary’s research of the connections between Biological Collections and different aspects of CSIRO research extends professional thinking about interdisciplinarity and the appraisal of images within science and art contexts.

15 February - 8 March 2013
CSIRO Discovery Centre Gallery
Black Mountain Canberra
Mon-Fri: 7.30am – 4pm
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