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Uncle Vanya in Avoca - A site-specific Re-Imagining of Chekov



Uncle Vanya in Avoca is an exciting reimagining of Chekhov’s classic play Uncle Vanya: A Portrait of Country Life in Four Acts, set in a small regional town within the Australian landscape. The project will be performed as a durational, site-specific work at The Avoca Project, in the historic Watford House and its grounds.

Performance times:
Act 1: Saturday 21st March - 3pm
Act 2: Saturday 21st March - 9pm
Act 2: Saturday 21st March - 10.15pm
Act 3: Sunday  22nd March - 12.30pm
Act 3: Sunday  22nd March - 1.45pm
Act 4: Sunday  22nd March - 6.00pm

Venue: Watford House, 16 Dundus Street, Avoca 3467.

Please contact La Mama at caitlin(at) if you would like to attend or call: 0430 033 495.

The Avoca Project, established by Lyndal Jones, is itself is an artistic project dedicated to environment and sustainability. This exquisite house was brought from Europe in 1850 and has a quintessentially Chekhovian atmosphere, as well as having weathered a century and a half of Australian history in Avoca. It is indeed the perfect poetic space for a lived experience of this beautiful play. The house is a sign of both resilience and fragility in a harsh climate, and carries the atmosphere of another place and of country Victoria and the gold rush.

The themes of Chekhov’s play are perfectly aligned to this site. The play shows people within an environment, which needs protection, but as in our contemporary world, very few people take action. Most of the characters are consumed by personal problems (love, jealousy, career ambition) and do not take steps to make any change. We also see the personal tensions between those who have stayed to work on the land and those who have gone to live in the city. This play is a delicate and complex portrait the personal heartaches of those who have stayed on the land and the economic difficulties they face.
These themes have rich resonances with the people in Avoca; a small town which faces complex economic and environmental issues around land, income, distance and the moving away of people.

This contemporary Australian version of Uncle Vanya will be informed by the landscape, the town of Avoca and our conversations with people from the local community during periods of residency in Avoca in the creative development and production phase.

Chekhov himself was an environmentalist and social activist, concerned with climate change, sustainability and how the needs of the land can be balanced with art, social justice and economic progress. All these themes can be ‘translated’ into our contemporary experience.

Places are very limited, so please contact Caitlin – caitlin(at) or phone 03 9347 6948 if you are interested in attending.

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