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The 7arakat |‘ḥarakāt’ Project: Background

The 7arakat or Harakat Project is an initiative supported by the Australia Council for the Arts through the Cultural Leadership Development Grant. Led by grant recipient Dr. Rand Hazou, the 7arakat Project seeks to develop a series of theatre-related initiatives between Australia and Palestine.

Artistic Rationale

The title 7arakat is a phonetic transliteration of the Arabic word ‘ḥarakāt’ or ‘movements’ in which the first Arabic letter ‘ḥā’ or ‘ح’ is substituted by the symbol ‘7’. 7arakat is about finding innovative approaches to intercultural performance practice to create works that ‘move’ audiences emotionally and experientially. The idea of ‘movements’ forms the conceptual inspiration underpinning the project, expressing:

  •  A stylistic approach to theatre making that focuses on the physicality of the actors. 7arakat is about the desire to create contemporary theatre works in which movement and the actor’s body stands at the centre of the theatrical experience.
  • An imperative to challenge conventional approaches to theatre making. 7arakat is about finding innovative approaches to performance.
  • A desire to create theatre projects and performance collaborations between Australia and Palestine. 7arakat is about facilitating the transfer of skills and knowledge between theatre makers and performers.
  • A need to create theatrical works that challenge cultural clichés. 7arakat is about ‘moving beyond’ cultural stereotypes of both Palestinians and Australians.
  • An objective to motivate social and cultural change in which the theatre is situated as an exciting and challenging forum that stimulates debate and fosters cultural citizenship. 7arakat is about stimulating and developing culturally diverse theatre audiences and promoting ideas of cultural democracy and participation.

Aims of the 7arakat Project

The project aims to deliver a series of initiatives over the next two years including:

  • An internship with Al Kasaba Theatre in Ramallah to develop networks with Palestinian creative producers and to survey of current approaches to theatre and performance-making in Palestine
  • Establishing the groundwork for a range of other future artistic collaborations and productions such as tours, play-readings and creative workshops
  • A conference involving the participation of Palestinian and Australian theatre-makers and scholars
  • A creative development lab to develop a new work of documentary theatre involving Australian and Palestinian theatre-makers
  • Establishing the groundwork for a range of other future artistic collaborations and productions such as tours, play-readings and creative workshops

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Project Leader: Dr. Rand T. Hazou

Rand Hazou was born in Jordan. His family are from Jerusalem. Rand is an Australian/Palestinian academic and theatre facilitator. In 2004 Rand was commissioned by the UNDP to travel to the Occupied Territories in Palestine to work as a theatre consultant running workshops for Palestinian youths. In 2009 Rand was awarded a PhD in Theatre and Drama at La Trobe University. His thesis examined the latest wave of political theatre in Australia dealing with Asylum Seekers and Refugees. In 2011 Rand was awarded a Cultural Leadership Skills Development Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to develop The 7arakat|Harakat Project, involving a series of theatre-related initiatives between Australia and Palestine. As part of this grant, Rand travelled to Palestine in October 2011 to participate in an internship with Al-Kasaba Theatre in Ramallah. Rand is currently undertaking an internship with Multicultural Arts Victoria. As an academic he has taught across a wide variety of subject at La Trobe and Monash Universities. He is currently a lecturer and tutor in the theatre and drama program at La Trobe University.


Theatre and Drama Program| La Trobe University| Bundoora Campus| 3086 VIC
T: 9479 2340| M: +61 0407 042 552| F: 61 3 9479 3037|E: [email protected]
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