Circus Symposium

About the project

Australian circus artists and researchers and international scholars presented recent projects and research approaches: Circus Oz: Living Archive; creative processes; philosophising about the circus body; rethinking circus history.

Featured speaker from Finland, Tomi Purovaara, presented on Cirko, a circus centre that brings together information centre, studio training facilities, festival venue, and research resources with visual archive library.

Other presenters included: Gail Kelly, Dr Jane Mullett, Rockie Stone, Dr Andrea Lemon, Hamish McCormick by DVD, Professor Peta Tait, Stine Degerbøl, Dr  Gillian Arrighi, Dr David Carlin, Reuben Stanton, Associate Professor James Thom, Dr Kim Baston and by SKYPE Camilla Damkjaer from Sweden and Ivan Kralj from Croatia.

To listen to the audio recordings of the symposium follow the links below:

For ongoing research and interactive approaches see the “Circus Oz: Living Archive”, a project involving La Trobe University researchers.


jan bru

Jan Hendrik Brüggemeiers’ artistic interests lay in sound art and spaces for communication in the city. He holds an MFA in Media Arts & Design from the Bauhaus University Weimar, where he graduated from the chair for Experimental Radio. He relocated from London, where he worked for the AA School of Architecture, to Melbourne to take on his Creative PhD at the Centre for Creative Arts at La Trobe University where he now resides. Website:

Peta Tait

Peta Tait is Professor of Theatre and Drama at La Trobe University, Australia. She publishes on the practice and theory of theatre, drama and body based arts and performance, and in relation to cultural languages of emotion. She publishes articles and books on circus performance including contemporary new circus. Her recent books are: 'Wild and Dangerous Performances: Animals, Emotions, Circus' (Palgrave Macmillan 2012); 'Circus Bodies: Cultural Identity in Aerial Performance' (Routledge 2005); 'Performing Emotions: Gender, Bodies, Spaces' (Ashgate 2002); and the edited volume, 'Body Show/s: Australian Viewings of Live Performance' (Rodopi 2002). She is also a playwright and most recently her co-written translated play, ‘Portrait of Augustine’, was produced in Brazil.